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Garrison Psychology and Counseling Services provides assessment screening and psychotherapy services to children and adolescents experiencing a variety of emotional, behavioral and social difficulties. The types of difficulties we can help address are listed below.

  • Anxiety
    • General Anxiety
    • Panic Attacks
    • Performance Anxiety (Sports, Academic, Music)
    • Phobias
    • Social Anxiety
    • School Anxiety
  • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
  • Depression
  • Oppositional Defiance and Conduct Problems
  • Social Skills
  • School Problems

As a pediatric psychology practice we also offer expertise in helping children, adolescents, and families manage the psychological aspects of illness, injury, and the promotion of health behaviors. A few of health challenges that commonly have behavioral, emotional, and social difficulties that can be helped through support of a pediatric psychologist are listed below. 

- Arthritis - Asthma  - Autism - Cancer - Diabetes - Feeding Disorders - Head Injury -  Orthopedic Problems - Pain

Post-Injury Recovery - Seizure Disorders - Sleep Disorders - Sickle Cell Disease - Weight Management