Our Philosophy and Approach

Connection - Empowerment - Compassion

Welcome to Garrison Psychology and Counseling Services. 

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We are a pediatric psychology practice focused on serving children and adolescents. 

Our singular goal is to provide a therapeutic environment that fosters a sense of connection, empowerment, and compassion, which allows us effectively deal with the challenges that led you to seek help.  

We believe all behavior is communication. Whether your child/adolescent is pulling away and withdrawing or acting out and behaving aggressively, he or she is communicating a specific want or need. At times parents can feel helpless in the face of the significant behavioral challenges presented by their children. This is understandable given the complexities of life, the limited time and energy resources available to parents, and the unique personality characteristics of every child. The good news is that there are a number of powerful behavioral interventions that, when properly applied, can very quickly yield tangible improvements in the behavior and daily functioning of your child.

During your first visit, we will devote time to clearly understand the issues that bring you to therapy through a detailed discussion of your history, current issues, and how those intersect to create the challenges you are now facing. With that understanding in hand we will work together to find a clear plan of intervention to help provide relief and empowerment to move forward in a more positive and productive fashion.