Discipline for Children with ADHD

Recently, ADDitude published a nice concise article (linked below) on discipline tips for children with ADHD. The top three take aways from the article are:

1. Enforce consequences for poor behavioral choices and reinforce good behavioral choices as immediately as possible.

2. Once you set a rule, stay steadfast in holding to that rule. You can always change rules, but you never want to do that in the heat of a given moment. If a rule is broken, enforce the rule at that moment and only consider changing it later if it needs to be adjusted.

3. Work to catch your child "being good". When children struggle with behavior it is too easy to be overly focused on the "problems" to the exclusion of all the great, sweet, and genuinely good things children do each day. Catch them being good, tell them how much you appreciate their good choice, and give them a hug and high five. Catching them being good helps reinforce the behavior you want to see, allowing that more positive behavior begin to replace the more challenging behavior.


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Lance GarrisonComment