Is Your Child Getting Enough Sleep?

Sleep is critical for brain health and physical development. Did you know not getting enough sleep can be a cause of behavioral problems such as irritability, inattention, depression, and tantrums? The recommended amount of sleep is often more than parents realize.

American Academic of Pediatrics Sleep Recommendations Per 24 Hours: 
Infants (4-12 months): 12-16 hours
Children (1-2 years): 11-14 hours
Children (3-5 years): 10-13 hours
Children (6-12 years): 9-12 hours
Teenagers (13-18 years): 8-10 hours

Regularly meeting these sleep guidelines is associated with a number of good outcomes including improved attention, memory, learning, regulation of emotions, and overall physical and mental health.

If your child or adolescent is struggling to get the recommended nightly sleep we can help with strategies for more effective and consistent sleep. Give us a call or visit to schedule an appointment.

American Academic of Pediatrics Sleep Recommendations:

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